I got very excited when I brought my first puppy home. I took note of those little achievements, special bonding, and development milestones.

But one thing that was putting me off was the obnoxious behaviors of my newly found friend. You can easily imagine those situations where I encountered endless biting, chewing, pooping, growling, and whining.

This was easily threatening to spoil my relationship with my young furry friend and I felt like screaming my lungs out.

Since I could not afford a professional dog trainer, I started researching the other options available when it comes to puppy training.

That is when I came across dog clickers and I realized I did not have to be an expert to train my puppy. This is because dog clickers have been designed to help you perform puppy training like an expert.

I can attest that they are one of the most user-friendly and effective training methods. I realized that as long as I had the best dog clicker that produces a sharp clicking sound that my pet can relate with,  training my dog was easy.

I also noted that even though a clicker works in the same way as other visual and audio cues, it is a simple way of obedience training. The clickers are also far cheaper compared to taking your pooch to a professional trainer.

So, I had found my training solution. But then another problem arose; there were so many brands out there all claiming to be the best. I felt like pulling my hair out trying to make the right choice.

After many days of research, I ended up creating a list of the top five best dog clickers for training your puppy.

To help you avoid the stress I went through and help you make a quick buying decision, I have created a summary of the best training clickers below:





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EcoCity Upgrade Version Dog Training Clicker

  • Neither too loud or too soft

  • Ergonomic design

  • 4 different colors

  • Flimsy wrist strap

StarMark Clicker Dog Training System

  • Sturdy

  • Made of steel

  • Very Loud

Karen Pryor Clicker Training Terry Ryan Clik Stik for Pet Training

  • Ergonomic design

  • Retractable training stick

  • Doesn’t come with a training manual

PetSafe Clik-R Trainer

  • Soft sound

  • Training guide

  • Unsuitable for outdoor training

Attmu Pet Training Clicker

  • Comes in a pack of 7

  • Suitable for outdoor use

  • Break easily

A Buying Guide For The Best Dog Clicker

Choosing the right dog clicker can go a long way in enhancing your training experience. Since not all dog clickers are made equal, how do you make the right choice of one? Here are things that you need to consider:

  • Material: This will affect the quality of the pooch clicker and its durability. It is advisable to choose one that is made of stainless steel as it will not rust.

  • Ease of use: If a clicker is not used immediately when there is a need for positive reinforcement, it may not be effective. This is why you need a dog clicker that is easy to use.

  • Accessories: Consider whether the equipment comes with a training guide and dog treat samples. A user guide will make it easy for you to bond with your canine friend.

  • Portability: During the dog training, you will need to move around and this is why you need a product that you can carry easily. A good clicker should have a wrist strap or elastic ring that enables it to remain securely in your hands.

  • Design: Choose a clicker that has an ergonomic design to allow you to easily hold it. The edges should not be sharp to avoid hurting your hands.

  • Clicker loudness: Your choice of a clicker will depend on your dog’s sensitivity as there are clickers out there that are so loud that they may leave your dog startled. A good idea is to pick one that is neither too loud nor too soft.

  • Warranty: Picking dog training equipment that has a warranty will ensure that any malfunction will be covered. It is also a good indication that you are buying an original gadget.

Top 5 Best Dog Clickers 

One thing I found out the hard way is that there are literally hundreds of dog clicker brands out there that can make it difficult for you to make the right choice.

Even when you are already aware of what makes a good dog clicker, the wide varieties of brands available at different prices can leave you confused.

This is why you should know the most popular brands on the market today. Below I have explained in detail why I found these five brands to be the best.

EcoCity Upgrade Version Dog Training Clicker

The EcoCity Upgrade Version Dog Training Clicker is one of the best clickers for puppy and dog training. It is lightweight, sturdy, and comes with four big button clickers.

It is easy to press the button without it getting stuck. I like the gadget because it produces a sharp audible click. It fits well in your hand and comes with an elastic strap that will prevent you from dropping it.

I also like the fact that it is available in four color options: red, blue, white, and black. It is ideal for pets that are sensitive to sounds as it is not too loud or too soft. The package includes a dog training eBook that will help make the training easier. The only major downside of this clicker is that the wrist strap is a bit flimsy. You can choose to remove it or use it as it is.  The button also clicks with little pressure and this can cause unwanted noise.

Take note that due to the popularity of this gadget, there are imitations out there and therefore, you should only buy from leading stores.

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